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Custom your Shoes & Clothing

SneakArts created a unique paint formula, originally used by the famous luxury brands. That's why our quality is way better than acrylic, especially on leather and textile.

We also make it easy for you to start, thanks to the Customization Kit and all the Tips we provide on our website. 


The best for Custom

On our website, you can find everything you need to customize you shoes and daily outfits, from leather to textile. We provide high quality products only and make sure you will love them !

Discover our Advice & Tips

You have a doubt or a question ? Just go to the FAQ & Tips page or follow our Tuto on Youtube.

You can also download the official documentation we made for the Professional Workshops.

Create your own stencil

You want to write a name or draw your logo easily ?

Use our stencils to paint whatever you want, and design your own text or images using our customization tool online.

Any question ?

You still have a question, or need help ? Our team is here for you !

Feel free to contact us on WhatsApp or by email : [email protected]

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