Join our referral program and earn money by sharing a unique link around you!

SneakArts offers an affiliate program for all artists and lovers of our paintings who want to support our brand while earning money.

- Membership in the program is free

- 10% commission ⭐️

Who is eligible for the affiliate program?

Everyone can create an account on our referral platform and get a unique link.

How and where can I easily share my link?

If you have a website (personal, blog...) or an account on social networks, this is the ideal place to add your link.

You can also create a QR Code and print it on a sheet if you're taking part in a workshop or trade show.

How much can I win?

You receive 10% commission on the amount excluding VAT of each order placed through your affiliate link (excluding shipping costs and goaffpro commission).

Example: on a €60.3 order, you earn €4.91

How do I get my money back?

Once you have accumulated a minimum amount of €50, you can submit a money transfer request directly from the GoAffPro platform.

Everything is automated and you will receive the transfer of funds to your bank or paypal account within approximately 5 working days (processing time).

How do I access my account?

All information about orders placed with your link is available directly on GoAffPro.

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Why can't I see the money when I've made a referral?

Sometimes (very rarely) GoAffPro does not automatically validate a referral. In this case, please contact us ([email protected]) directly by forwarding the email you received containing the sponsorship ID.