SneakArts sell high quality Paints and Customization products !

SneakArts was established in 2021 and founded by Andrea MARTINES and James BRAHEM. They both wanted to propose a Starter Kit to Customize on  with a high quality leather paint, a strong elasticity and covering power. The goal was to have a product suitable for the customization of shoes, textiles and many other decorative surface.

Our values

We love the Sneakers, Fashion and Art industry, which is why we wanted to bring these three passions together to allow everyone to custom on Leather and Textile with a high quality paint.

SneakArts developed a water based formula, with no toxic solvent, which makes our product eco-friendly and healthy than the existing products. 

We also have focused on innovation with our Magic Paints (UV, Thermal, Luminous...) and every collaborations or events we make to democratize the custom !

We create videos every week to share you our tips and showcase the products we sell on SneakArts. We show you how to easily customize your sneakers, t-shirts and other accessories with our paints.


Custom YOUR Sneakers !

Discover our Kits, Paints, and Accessories to start customizing your Shoes ! Find more in our videos to discover our products and tips to become a Pro !

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Create your own stencils

Use our online tool to create your stencil with your pictures, photos and more ! You can use the stencils on shoes, bags, jackets, jeans and much more surfaces ! Feel free to contact us if you have any question, by email or instagram ! @SneakArts.Kit

Shipping in Europe flag-france_1f1eb-1f1f7.png

SneakArts is available in many European countries : France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Deutschland, Switzerland, Netherland.... Our products are validated by our team, and we always improve what we sell to let you enjoy the best quality paint !

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