How to paint on clothes ?

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You want to paint on fabric, textile, or any other clothing ? And want to know which paint to use on textile ?

Follow all our advice to correctly paint with the right products and get the best result.

Tools you need to paint on fabric

When you want to personalize and paint on fabrics, be very careful with your personal belongings, so as not to stain them. Use an apron or overalls to avoid paint stains

Which paint for fabric and textile ?

To paint on clothing made of textile or fabric, it is important to use a flexible paint, resistant to water and the washing machine.

There is a lot of fabric paints but lot of them needs to be heated to be fixed and permanent. 

Always be careful when using a textile paint to not cause damage to your own clothing. Feel free to protect yourself before painting your textile.

Use a rigid support

Take your jacket, shirt or bag and put it on a rigid support such as wood or cardboard to paint more easily, and prevent the paint from crossing the textile fibers from side to side.

If you are using a stencil, be sure to stick this on using a hair dryer and a stiff card. You can use a transfer film to apply very detailed stencils, it will make the job easier.

Apply the paint on fabric

It's time to personalize your jacket, jeans or cap with a fabric paint. With the SneakArts standard paints, there is no need to heat the textile with an iron. The paint is very resistant, and resist to water once dry.

Prepare the fabric

When using a fabric paint, there is no need to prepare or clean the surface unlike leather. Indeed, on textile, the standard paint immediately sets to the material, whether it is jeans, fabric or canvas.

For better results, always apply a white undercoat using the primer for textile, to avoid the risk of smudging, but also to have better colors.

Apply the paint

It's now time to apply the paint on your textile or fabric, using the standard paint that works both on textile and leather. 

Apply 2 to 3 coats to have a homogeneous result. Let the paint dry between each coat using a hair dryer.

Protect your art on textile

Apply a varnish on textile

The paint resists very well on textiles, and does not wash off, even without varnish. But you can still varnish the whole thing to play on the final result, keep the color brilliance, or even fix the paint on the fabric even more.

Use a clean brush for this. Then gently apply the matte varnish (to maintain a natural look) in 2 or 3 thin coats.

Be sure to let it dry thoroughly between each coat.

Advice for washing

There you go, your creation is finished, you now know how to make a custom on a jacket, cap, tote bag, and what paint to use on the textile.

To preserve the colors as long as possible, we recommend you a cold wash (30°C) or even a hand wash to preserve the colors.

Even if the paint resists temperatures up to 60-90°C.

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