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Want to give your favourite sneakers a new lease of life? If you want to renovate them rather than throw them away, then follow our practica l steps to make your sneakers look like new again.

How do you renovate your sneakers?

Renovating your sneakers takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the condition of the pair. In this article we share our tips for restoring leather, fabric and even the soles.

Cleaning your sneakers

Before starting to repair or renovate your sneakers, you will need to clean any dirt or residue from the surface. Your sneakers cannot be repaired if there is dust or traces of grease or mud.

Take a cleaning kit with you so that you have a brush, a cleaning product and a cloth at your disposal. Don't forget to take a bowl or glass of water to lather the cleaner on your sneakers.

Clean your sneakers thoroughly by rubbing insistently, whether on the sides, the top or even the soles.

Preparing the leather

Once you've cleaned your shoes, we recommend that you prepare them for optimum paint adhesion.

You can use our sneaker renovation kit, which includes a leather stripper, sandpaper, white paint and brushes.

Smooth the leather with sandpaper and degrease your sneakers with a cotton wool pad and nail varnish remover. Rub the entire pair, especially in the areas to be painted.

Repairing your Sneakers

Now you can get on with renovating your sneakers. Use our leather paint to whiten your pair or to touch up scratches of varying depths.

- If you have holes or torn pieces of leather, remove them and smooth the surface with sandpaper. 

- Clean up any dust from sanding with stripper.

- Wipe your sneakers with a cloth to work on clean, dry leather.

- Always apply the paint in thin coats.

- Repeat the process as many times as necessary to fill any holes or achieve an even finish.

Renovating your soles

Sometimes the soles of your sneakers are yellow or damaged. Here too, you can repair them with paint, while also preparing the surface. To find out how, read our article on renovating soles and follow our video tutorial.

Note that SneakArts paint only works on rigid soles. So avoid painting soles made of foam or similar materials!

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By Marion 2024-02-06 05:36:47

J’ai acheté un kit couleur de base, avec pinceaux, cutter, + des produits additionnels de nettoyage et des flacons de préparation et de finition. Je démarre, et je trouve la qualité des produits top. Facile d’utilisation et d’entretien, qualité super. Work in progress