How to use a stencil with paint ?

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You want to paint on your shoes or clothing with a stencil ? To reproduce a logo or an image ? In this article, we explain how to create a design using a stencil and paint on leather, textiles or any other surface. Follow these simple steps to achieve a uniform, smudge-free finish, especially on non-smooth surfaces.

Requirements for stencil painting

Create your stencil

Start by creating a customized stencil using our online tool. You can easily import patterns, designs and text. Make sure the details are not too small (< 3mm) and that you use good quality images for best results.

Prepare the surface

To get the best results on leather, we highly recommend you to prepare the surface. Use a cotton pad with a solvent to remove the varnish. This step improves paint adhesion over time. If you're customizing a textile, you don't need any preparation: simply apply undercoats.

Apply the stencil

Grab your image

To recover your stencil, you have two options:

- peel the shape directly from the vinyl

- use a transfer tape if you have more details

Use a transfer tape

You can use transfer film to recover your stencils more easily.

1 - Start by cutting a transfer film to the size of the stencil or a little larger to make it easier to remove.

2 - Take the transparent adhesive and stick it on the stencil.

3 - Press down with a card so that the film sticks to the stencil

4 - Remove the film by folding it over to retrieve the stencil

5 - Stick the film with the stencil on the desired area and press again with a stiff card so that the stencil remains on the surface to be painted.

Then place the stencil on the desired area, making sure it's firmly stuck down to minimize the risk of smudging.

Fill the stencil with the paint

Apply an undercoat

If you're customizing white shoes, you can apply one or two undercoats of white in the stencil to avoid smudging. If you're working on another color of leather, apply two thin coats of matte varnish. This will plug any holes and give a more even finish, especially with a brush.

Apply the paint

Once your undercoat is done, fill the stencil with thin layers of paint. If your undercoat is too thick, it may come off with the stencil. 

Let the paint dry between coats, using a hair dryer at normal temperature. You can apply 2 to 3 coats of paint to the stencil before removing it, for an even result.

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