Premium Kit


Discover our Premium Kit to Custom your Shoes, Apparel, Bag...

ecologie.png Eco-Friendly Paint 

cuir.png Content in the description

waterproof.png High-resistance / Waterproof

francais.png Made in France

The Premium Kit contains all the colors and tools you need to customize on Shoes, Jacket, Accessories and many other surface such as Leather, Textile, Wood and more. 

The Kit includes :

- 6 Paints (Black, White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red)

- 1 Varnish / Finisher to protect your custom

- 5 Paint Brushes of different size

- 1 Precision Brush 

- 1 Precision Knife

- 1 Masking Tape

- 1 Palette to mix your colors

- 1 Booklet with our Tips

- Stickers by SneakArts

Our professional paints are made in France, and don't contain any toxic solvents or allergens.

High covering power, resistance and flexibility.

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