Painting a denim jacket

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Learn how to paint a denim jacket by following our advice and using a special denim paint that's water and wash resistant. Make the jacket of your dreams by following the key steps in this article and the tutorial video.

What do you need to paint jeans ?

The right paint for textiles

To customise your denim jacket, start with a primer and a paint that is suitable for denim, can be washed in the washing machine and will keep the fibres supple. You also need to prevent the paint from spilling onto the rest of your surface when it comes into contact with water or simply by rubbing the jeans.

Equip yourself with customisation tools

Before painting on your denim jacket, you'll need a variety of tools, such as brushes or even a single brush if you're stencilling. Masking tape to mask off areas that shouldn't be painted or to put around the stencil to avoid accidents. A palette to make your different preparations. And finally, a rigid cardboard or wooden base to ensure a uniform, even finish.

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How do I prepare the jeans?

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Using a stencil

Before applying the stencil or starting to paint, it's essential to stretch the fabric with the help of clips and the rigid backing we recommend.

Once this is done, you can apply the stencil to the jeans, using a transfer film if you want to make it easier. Heat the stencil with a hairdryer for better adhesion.

Applying primer

The primer will allow you to avoid drips under the stencil and, above all, to paint your jeans more easily.

Apply one or two coats of primer, always trying to paint from the outside to the inside of the stencil. Make sure you wipe off any excess primer or paint on your palette before each application. This step is essential to ensure that the paint has optimum adhesion and that there are no smudges.

Materiel pour customiser ses chaussures

Painting your denim jacket

You can now apply the paint to the denim jacket, once you've completed all the preparation steps. Use the colours of your choice and let your imagination run wild! This is usually the most satisfying stage, as you get to see your creation take shape.

Spreading the paint

For the best results, apply the paint in thin coats, spreading the paint evenly over the jeans.

Apply as many coats as you need, until you get an even result. To ensure that the paint sets properly, allow the paint to dry thoroughly between coats: 30 seconds with a hair dryer and 1 minute without. Be careful not to heat the stencil and paint!

Remove the stencil

Once the paint has had enough time to dry, you can remove the masking tape, then carefully remove the stencil, using a cutter if necessary.

Leave the paint to set on the fabric for 1 to 2 hours, allowing it to dry naturally.

And that's it, the custom is finished! You've just painted your denim jacket, now all you have to do is enjoy it.

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Caring for your denim jacket

If you wear your jacket regularly, we recommend washing the jeans in delicate mode or by hand, so that the colours retain their brilliance for longer. 

If you wish, you can add an extra coat of varnish: matt to retain a natural effect, or gloss to give your creation a plastic effect. This step is not compulsory if you are painting on denim or any other textile.

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