Star Mix Stencil


Discover the Stencil with Various Star Patterns

The stencils are produced with a superior adhesive vinyl quality, for better adhesion to surfaces such as leather.

SIZE 1 : Stencil in 10 x 10 cm format 

Star in 2 x 2 cm format

SIZE 2 : Stencil in 15 x 15 cm format 

Star in 3 x 3 cm format

For all other requests, please contact us : [email protected]

Image de Freepik

Follow our tips to easily personalize your shoes, jackets, or accessories with a stencil and paint :

- Pre-cut the part of the stencil to be used

- Place the stencil on your shoes or clothing

- Make sure the stencil is stuck in place

- If necessary, use a hair dryer to heat the stencil

- Fill the stencil with our paint in thin coats or with a stencil sponge

- On textiles apply 2 to 3 undercoats of textile primer or paint on non-smooth surfaces for a smudge-free result

- Allow the paint to dry thoroughly between coats, and take care not to heat it if using a hair dryer

- Carefully remove the stencil once the paint is completely dry