Leather Paint


Flexible Leather Paint is made to customize on shoes and clothes. The paint can also be used on suede, fabric, wood and more.

Idéale sur cuir Work on Leather, Suede

Peinture textile et tissu Also great on Fabric, Wood and more

Peinture eco-friendly Eco-friendly & non toxic

Francais Made in France

Aérographe Compatible with Airbrush

High quality leather paint made for all kind of leather, suede but also on other surface such as fabric, wood and synthetic. 

Flexible paint with a high covering power and resistance. Once dry the paint does not crack or peel.

Our paint was designed with the best Artists to customize on sneakers, clothes or accessories.

Advantages of our paint

Eco-Friendly ♻️

Water based, allergen-free and non-toxic paint

All in one Paint ✨

Paint on leather, fabric, wood and more with no additives

Easy to use ✅

The paint is compatible with Airbrush and can be diluted with water

Made in France 🇫🇷

High quality paint used by french luxury brands

How to use the Leather Paint ?

Prep ✅

Always make sure to prepare the leather and remove the factory finish.

Customization 🎨

Apply thin coats and let the paint dry between each coat. 

Protect ✨ 

Wait 24 hours and add our finisher to protect your paint.

What can you paint on ?

Fabric and Textile

The paint can be used on fabric, mesh, canvas and any other textile.

Suede and Nubuck 

You can dilute the paint with water to dye suede and nubuck. 

Wood and Synthetic

The paint also offers a great resistance on wood, plastic and more.

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What surfaces can I use the paint on ?

How many customs can I make with 30mL ?

Does the paint hold up over time ?

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