How to use an airbrush ?

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Learn how to use an airbrush to paint on your shoes or clothes. You want to reproduce your logo or an image of your own? In this article, we explain how to easily customize using a stencil and paint.

What's the best airbrush ?

Portable Airbrush

To get started and make stencils, it is best to start with an entry-level model, with a good quality compressor and gun. If you want to take your airbrush with you everywhere, then we recommend using a portable model. Practical for a trade show, an event or making a custom flash when there is no electrical outlet.

Professional airbrush

The advantage of fixed compressors is that you can adjust the pressure and adjust the flow rate coming out of the gun. Therefore, if you want to work on your gradients or apply paint with precision, it will be more judicious to go with this type of model. Adjusting the pressure can also be useful when applying paint to larger areas.

Apply the paint with an airbrush

To apply paint with an airbrush, you must follow certain instructions to obtain quality results and have optimal adhesion whatever the support.

Settings for the airbrush

For use of the Airbrush with stencil and SneakArts leather paint we recommend a 0.5mm nozzle and a pressure of 2 to 2.5 bar.

Paint with an Airbrush

Always stay 10 cm away from the surface to paint, and apply the paint in thin layers. Never stay in one place for too long to avoid creating a thick layer.

Airbrush and varnish

Which finisher or varnish ?

All the SneakArts paints and finishers can be used with an airbrush to protect your customization once completely dry.

You can choose between a matte or glossy varnish depending on the final result you want to have.

How to airbrush the varnish ?

Same process as the paint, you can use the varnish directly in the airbrush or add 5-10% water to make it fluid in case it's too thick. Follow the same rules by applying thin layers using the same settings for your airbrush.

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