Glow in the Dark


Discover the Luminous Paint Glow in the Dark to make your Shoes and Outfits unique

cuir.png Glow in the dark

waterproof.png High resistance et elasticity

francais.png Made in France

Our Glow in the Dark paint makes possible for you to see your paint in the dark or under a UV light.

The paint is translucent and requires 5 to 6 coats for a homogeneous result. 

Usage tips


- Prepare the leather with paint stripper / deglazer.

- Shake the paint before each use.

- For sensitive areas or grained leather, sand and degrease.


- Apply the paint in thin coats.

- Always make sure it's dry before applying another coat.

- Apply 2 to 3 coats of varnish 24 hours later.

Note: The paint is composed of heavier pigments, which sometimes requires mixing them. SneakArts provides for this a small stick to help you if you do not hear the balls shaking the pot.

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