Vernice UV Solare

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Vernice Magica che
reagisce ai raggi UV del sole e diventa traslucida all'ombra.

cuir.png Reagisce al sole e ai raggi UV

waterproof.png Elevata resistenza ed elasticità

francais.png Compatibile con l'aerografo

francais.png Made in France

Enjoy the Photochromic UV paint to let the colors appear under the sun and becomes transparent in the shade.

The paint works on leather, textile but also on many materials.

You can mix the paint with white to get a pastel color.


- Prep the leather for better grip.

- Shake the paint before each use.

- For sensitive areas or grained leather, sand and degrease.

Apply the paint

- Apply the paint in several thin coats.

- Allow to dry before applying another coat.

- Apply 2 to 3 coats of leather polish 24 hours later.

To keep the effect as long as possible : avoid staying in the sun for too long and store your custom in the dark when not used.

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