SneakArts sell high quality Paints and Customization products !

The company was established in 2021 to provide Customization Kits and Paints and Magic Paints !

We provide a high quality leather paint, Made in France, with a high elasticity and covering power, suitable for shoes, and textiles customization ! Enjoy the stuff and share your masterpieces with us !

Sneakers Custom Paint







Custom tes Sneakers !

Discover our Kits, Paints, and Accessories to start customizing your Shoes ! Find more on our videos to discover our products and tips to become a Pro !

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Create your own stencils

Use our online tool to create your stencil with your pictures, photos and more ! You can use the stencils on shoes, bags, jackets, jeans and much more surfaces ! Feel free to contact us if you have any question, by email or instagram ! @SneakArts.Kit

Shipping in Europe flag-france_1f1eb-1f1f7.png

SneakArts is available in many European countries : France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Deutschland, Switzerland, Netherland.... Our products are validated by our team, and we always improve what we sell to let you enjoy the best quality paint !

Discover our videos

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Fabulous Sneakers Painting left
Fabulous Sneakers Painting
Fabulous Sneakers Painting right

We will offer new products every month, each more original than the other, to design a pair of sneakers that look like you, with your own patterns, or by using stencils to make designs, icons, logos of brands you like!

Who are we?

SneakArts is a team of young, cool and creative mindset, with a passion for Sneakers, and Customization in general. We launched our shop in early 2021 to help you customize your sneakers, skateboard, phone, or any Deco object!

That's why we need your feedback, your feedback, but above all your strength on our Instagram page! We are soon 10k subscribers already, mainly thanks to promotions and contests and we say THANK YOU! Continue to validate SneakArts with your friends, so we can offer you even more new products, at increasingly attractive prices. As we remind you, our goal is to allow ALL WORLD to customize what it wants :)

Our values

At SneakArts, we love sneakers, creativity and art,which is why we wanted to bring these three passions together to allow everyone to create a pair of original sneakers, in his image, with his ideas!

At the end of 2020,we are creating our first pair with the customization kit that we are now making available to all budding designers and artists. In short, we wanted everyone to be able to imagine and design their shoe!

In addition to this desire to offer an accessible customization experience (Kit from 15 degrees, then 20 and 30 euros), we work directly with artists and suppliers offering quality products, which we validate ourselves.

We make videos to demonstrate the products offered on SneakArts, but also to show you how to customize your sneakers.