Stencil - Star Patterns

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Discover the Stencil with Various Star Patterns

The stencils are produced with a superior adhesive vinyl quality, for better adhesion to surfaces such as leather.

SIZE 1 : Stencil in 10 x 10 cm format 

Star in 2 x 2 cm format

SIZE 2 : Stencil in 15 x 15 cm format 

Star in 3 x 3 cm format

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Here is a video showing the use of a stencil with a transfer film:

  1. Cut out the part of the stencil to use beforehand
  2. Place it on your shoes (after hiding or not some areas)
  3. Make sure the stencil sticks well, and leaves no space
  4. Use a hairdryer if necessary (be careful not to burn the stencil!)
  5. Fill your stencil with our acrylic paint for Sneakers
  6. Gently remove the stencil with a cutter or hook, once the paint has dried

Tuto : Application of the stencil & transfer film