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SneakArts made a lot of videos to help you customize your Sneakers or Outfits easily ! We also share on this page, all the questions you may have regarding our paints and products we sell on SneakArts. Feel free to share your tips or questions on Instagram or any other social media !

The basis to start customizing


  • To Custom you need to prepare your Sneakers. Clean them if already used ! If not, you need to remove the manufacturer varnish to have better results with our paints. You can use our specific product to achieve.
  • Make sure you apply thin layers to avoid peeling, and keep the good elasticity and resistance !
  • To properly apply your stencils, make sure it is well fixed. You can use a rigid card to make it easier for you to leave no air bubbles or holes.  
  • If you want protect some area from being painted,  you can use a masking tape, and a precision knife to remove the extra tape.
  • When the customization is done, simply add our varnish to protect even longer your shoes or other outfits ! We recommend you to wait 24h.
  • You can mix our paints with water, as it is water-based, but make sure you don't overly dilute the paint to keep the strong elasticity and resistance. 
For all other questions, you can find our FAQ bellow and contact us on Instagram or any other social media :) We reply to everyone !

FAQ - Questions / Réponses

SneakArts provides high quality paints, but the preparation is the most important step to have the best results !

Wz recommend you to use a makeup cotton remover or anything similar and a specific product (degreaser) to remove the manufacturer varnish.

You can also sand with sand papers or  "break the fold" to avoid any peeling or cracking.

If you shoes is not new, clean it first !

The Classic Paint was made to work on many shoes surfaces, from the leather, textile to synthetic !  

The Pro Paint was made with the Artists, for the Artists. It works with the aerograph, as the paint is fluid. Perfect to custom on leather and make amazing customs !

Both Paint work on Leather and Textile, Cotton, Denim, Synthetic. Discover more in the FAQ to customize other surfaces !

SneakArts does not recommend dilution but mixing Classic and Pro. You can also use our mat varnish as a diluer.

Yes you can use water but make sure you don't lose the good resistance (5-10%)

Yes you can, just be careful how you mix and dilute to keep the paint efficiency.

SneakArts recommend you to use the Pro Paint for the aerograph as you don't need to dilute it.

Both Classic and Pro work on Textile. But SneakArts recommend the Classic Paint, easier to use with brushes on T-Shirt, Sweat, Cotton or Denim.

To color your shoelaces you can use both paints and dilute it with water.

On textile, you can use 20% of water and keep the resistance.

Our paints work on all kind of Textile, like Cotton, Denim and Polyester. 

The SneakArts Classic Paint has a very strong resistance on the plastic surfaces and perfectly fit for custom on soles and mid-soles ! Discover our video !

SneakArts let you create your own stencil online thanks to our builder. You can add your own designs, texts and preview the stencil directly !

If you want to custom using a stencil, make sure it is well fixed to the area with no air bubbles or holes. You can use a rigid card for this !
Then fill the stencil with our paints.
You can use our transfert tape to apply it more easily.

Apply our varnish 24h after the custom is done (recommended) to add a protection on the paint and improve the resistance !

Yes, you can wash with water or cleaning products, or a washing machine (30°C recommended) your clothes or shoes. The paint does not move once dry. 

Classic Paint with Stencil