Our advices


  • Prepare your Sneakers, using a cleaning and/or paint stripper to remove the manufacturer varnish on the top of your shoes ! For clothes, no need to prepare the surface, however we advise you to use a white undercoat before applying our paints.
  • When using our paint , make sure you apply fine layers and multiple coats to have the best results. 
  • To apply a stencil, make sure it sticks well to the area you want to custom. You can use a rigid card and watch our video :)
  • If you need to protect some specific areas, use the masking tape.
  • For a daily use, apply our varnish 24 hours after your customization is finished.
  • Feel free to contact us for other advices or videos you would like to see from us :) 

FAQ - Question / Answer

We recommend you to clean and strip the varnish or paint before applying our paints for a better covering power and resistance ! The Classic paint does not require skills, so you can get good results even if you did not properly prepare the surface first ! 
The Classic Paint was made for beginners with a very strong resistance and elasticity on surfaces like Leather, Textiles or Plastics / Synthetics and much more. The finishing is glossy, but you can add our Mat Varnish to adjust it ! The paint is thicker and dries faster than the Pro paint.

The Pro Paint is mainly made for Leather and Textiles. The texture is fluid which makes it perfect for aerograph. The finishing is mat and it requires a varnish once the custom is done.

You can mix both paints to have the texture you want 
SneakArts does not recommend dilution or mixing with other paints. But many artists have tried this for us and had good results. Make sure you are careful when using diluer or water to keep the resistance and elasticity of our paints ! If you want to make our paint fluider, you can use our Mat Varnish as a diluer.
The SneakArts Pro paints are fluid enough to be used in an aerograph. You can add our Mat Varnish to make it fluider. 
The SneakArts Classic Paint was made for all kind of shoes (leather and synthetic), so it also works very well on the sole and mid-sole.  To have the best results, use a sand paper to prepare the surface, then clean and strip the varnish off. Apply 2 to 3 layers to have a very strong resistance. You can add the Mat Varnish if you want to have a Satin / Mat finishing.
SneakArts let you create your stencils online with your own arts, logos or pictures. Our tool directly generate a stencil you can preview, resize, combine with other images. Always use a good quality picture for the best results.
If you want to make it easier, you can use a transfer film to stick the stencil on it and then apply it on the shoes. Once on your shoes, make sure it sticks properly to avoid any drips. Fill it slowly and don't let extra paints. Apply fine layers instead of big coats.

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