How to paint with an airbrush ?

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You want to custom your shoes or clothes with a stencil ? You want to reproduce your logo or an image of your own? In this article, we explain how to easily create a custom using a stencil and paint.

Create a stencil

To create a personalized stencil, nothing could be easier than using our online tool . Import your patterns, drawings or texts easily and generate a stencil in a few clicks.

Apply a stencil

Before starting, we apply a stripper / degreaser to prepare the surface. This step improves the adhesion of the paint.Use a transfer film to recover the stencil patterns more easily.And be sure to stick the stencil firmly to the surface and press down with a stiff card.


Fill a stencil

Fill the stencil with thin layers of paint, making sure not to leave any excess.Let the paint dry between each coat and before removing the stencil. You can make a first white undercoat in the stencil to avoid smudges. This will allow you to fill any holes and have a more uniform rendering, especially with a brush.


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