At SneakArts, we decided to create a Marketplace with Custom products (made with SneakArts paints) to answer all the requests we had from our community.

Our goal is always to help and support artists from all over the world and make the Custom movement bigger and stronger.  

What's the Concept ?


Sell your Custom online 

products or one of one services


We offer you Online visibility 

on Google and other browsers


100% secure 

online payment and platform

Signing up is completely free, and SneakArts will get 10% commission only on the products you sell through our Marketplace. 

 SneakArts is open to any projects about Custom and Painting. 

Our objective is  to support Artists and Creators.

Conditions to join us and sell your creations or services


Be a Pro

(Pro means having a registered company)


Respect our community


Use our Amazing paints



Answer requets from our customers on the platform

New Creations on our Marketplace

How to use the Marketplace ?

Follow the steps below to join us

Click here to create your account as a pro Artist

1/ Create your Pro account on SneakArts


Name : Enter your Artist name (no spaces)

Password : Enter your password

Last name / First name : enter your flast name and first name

Bio : A description of your Art, style. It's what people will see on your page. it will be used also for SEO. 

Email : Enter your email address.

Logo / Photo :  Upload a profile picture of You. 

Adress / City / Country: Enter your address

Social URL : enter your personal website address or social media

2/ Validation and first steps

Once your pro account has been created, SneakArts will approve it within 48hrs. Once you receive the confirmation by email, you will be able to start uploading products or services on the marketplace. 

First, log-in and you will access your personal Dashboard. Here, you will see 4 tabs :

  1. Products : You can Add / Modify / Delete your products and services
  2. Orders : You will see all your orders.  The loading time can be a bit long (we are working on it :)).
  3. Question : Customers or members of the SneakArts community can ask you questions about your services and products. You could answer them here.
  4. Settings : Change your user settings here. If you wish to change Nickname, please email us at [email protected] 

3/ Create and upload your first products or services


Title : Enter the title of your products. It has to be clear and short.

Image : Add 2 to 5 pictures to show your products (or services) from all the points of you.

Description : Explain what is your creation about and how you made it (Size, Technics, paintings used...). This description is important as we use it for SEO and meta-description.

Additional Information : Any information which can help the customer to buy your products or services.

Price : Define your price (VAT included). The 10% commission from SneakArts has to be included too.

Shipping time : Define a delivery time

Tips for optimizing SEO and be more visible

1 - Add your Artist name at the end of your product title.  Ex : Jacket custom by "name artist"

2 - Write proper descritions (250 words minimum) with the maximum details and key words.

3 - Fill the additionnal information with details and key words too. Repetition is always good for SEO.

4/ Validation and variations of your products

Once your product/service has been validated, SneakArts takes care of fine-tuning your page for publication within 48 hours. 

Subject to the good quality of the plug! 

You will find new fields in the Product edition. 

These are the variations. Today you can choose the Budget, Theme and Area Fills, if you want other variations, you can contact us. We recommend a maximum of 2 combinations for better SEO performance. How does it work?

1 - Start by selecting the desired combinations (Budget / Filling / Theme) 

2 - Then, click on "Generate" 

3 - Then modify each combination to match the correct price in particular. If you are using the Budget, make sure the prices scale correctly.


5/ Start Selling !

Your products or services are now created and are online 

on the SneakArts Marketplace ! 

We strongly invite you

  to post your profile and products pages on your social medias.

more Traffic more visibility, more sales.

Then, just update your account if needed. 

Taking off a product if you sell it by yourself, 

And answer the questions from customers you could receive.

!!!! Let's Custom !!!